History and Development of the Faculty of Economics UNTAR

The College of Economics Tarumanagara was established on 1st October 1959 by the Tarumanagara Foundation. The location was in Building Tarumanagara Candra Naya, Jl. Gajah Mada No. 188 along with the Department of Business Economics. The college was led by Drs. Kho Oen Bik as Dean and Drs. Loo Kiem Tjing as Vice Dean.


On 1st October 1962, Tarumanagara University was officially established and the College of Economics transformed into the Faculty of Economics. The Department of Economics also changed its name to the Department of Management with S-1 Study Program in Management. In 1972, the Department of S-1 Accounting Study Program was created. Subsequently, the Diploma Program in Accounting and Marketing Management opened in 1986 as well as the Diploma Program in Management Finance / Taxation in 1989. In line with the development of the Faculty of Economics, the S2 Master of Accounting Studies (MAKSI) opened in January 2007 and later on 12th March 2007 the Professional Accounting Education Program (PPA) followed suit.


The Faculty of Economics at Tarumanagara University remains one of the oldest faculties hosting the highest number of students at the University. The number of students at the Faculty of Economics rapidly increases. This can be seen from the allocation of space / buildings provided by the Tarumanagara Foundation for infrastructure progression. The Faculty of Economics moved from building to building Campus I Campus II in 1994 which is located opposite of the Campus I. At the new location, the Faculty of Economics occupies a 17-story building on the building block A which is reserved entirely for teaching and learning activities of the Faculty of Economics. In addition to the building expansions, theteaching and learning activities expanded to other buildings block B, block C located at Campus II, each with 10 floors.