Permission for academic leave can be acquired by students who are currently enrolled or have completed the registration process in the previous semester.

The Requirements for Academic Leave:

  • Listed as an active student during the previous semester.
  • Have followed the educational program for at least one semester.
  • Not listed as a drop-out student candidate.
  • Not in an extended study period due to academic leave already taken in the past.
  • The academic leave cannot be taken for more than 2 (two) semesters consecutively.
  • For students who have already taken an academic leave during the previous semester, they can apply for the academic leave extension for the following semester.
  • When the academic leave has been approved, the students have the obligation to pay the registration fee and will still need to fill the Study Plan and Registration Card (KRRS) either manually or online.

 The Application for Academic Leave:

  • Can be conducted by filling the Application Form for Academic Leave (Form Code: FR-UT-BAA-21), which is available in the Academic Administration Bureau in Campus I and Campus II. For students in the Post-Graduate Program, the form can be acquired in each Master and Doctoral Program Department Office. A copy of the Student Study Result Card in the previous semester must be attached.
  • The submission of the Application Form for Academic Leave to the Academic Administration Bureau can be seen in the Payment Schedule.

The Delay of Academic Leave Application

The submission of the Application Form for Academic Leave after the schedule determined in Table I will not be processed. The consequences are:

  • The students will be considered as non-active in the current semester.
  • For students who have previously filled the Study Plan and Registration Card, they can apply for subject resignation (canceling all the subjects) through each Department Office.
  • The payment for all tuition-fee components for the current semester cannot be refunded.

The Requirements for Academic Leave Dispensation:

  • For students who receive the academic leave dispensation, they are still required to pay the registration fee, the extra-curricular development fee, and the educational development fee.
  • The academic leave dispensation must be applied one week (at the latest) after the determined schedule.
  • Have logical and accountable reasons.